How to set a quiz which can be accessed after completion of a certain activity

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작성일 : 2018-11-14 15:29
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This is how to set a quiz which can be accssed after completion of a assigned activity.

1. First, make sure you have clicked "Turn editing on" at upper right corner of the eTL class window. 

2. Click the button "Edit settings" of "Administration" at the bottom left.

3. Click "Completion tracking," change "Enable completion tracking" setting from "No" to "Yes," and save the changed condition. 

4. Click a gearwheel-like button of an activity to complete before a quiz 

   and press "Edit settings"

5. Customize the conditions of "Activity completion"  as below.

    ("Require view" is supposed to be checked)

6. When you register a quiz on eTL class, please click "Restrict access," "Add restriction," and "Activity completion."

7. Then, customize the conditions in which your students should complete a certain activity before taking the quiz.